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PTO and Vacation Management


With the BOR-Go PTO and Vacation Tracking module, both you and your employees can quickly and easily manage time-off requests and track available PTO hours.

Make sure to set a work schedule for the employee who is taking a paid vacation, otherwise the leave hours will not be properly calculated. For example, if your employee is taking 2 days paid vacation on August 1st and 2nd, then he or she must first be scheduled to work those days before PTO can be granted.


Requesting time-off (Employee’s side)

Employees can make PTO or vacation requests one of two ways; by making the request directly from the BOR-Go smartphone app or from a computer by logging into BOR-Go online via a web browser.

From BOR-Go App

  1. Tap “Leave Requests” to open the PTO and Vacation Tracking module.

BOR-Go app dashboard

  1. Available PTO hours can be seen on the top of the screen. Also, employees are able to check the status of submitted requests.

PTO request_available hours

  1. To request PTO, click the “Plus” button on the bottom right of the screen.
  1. Select a leave type from “Sick”, “Vacation” or “Personal Time Off”. Set a start date and end date. If necessary, leave notes.  The employer will receive a notice when a new leave request is submitted.

PTO request

Leave Type

Sick leave: Accrual paid leave.

Vacation: Paid leave determined by each company.

Personal Time Off: Unpaid leave.

From BOR-Go online (computer)

  1. To request PTO from the BOR-Go online platform, login and click “Leave Requests”.
  2. Click the “Create Leave Request” button on the top left of the screen.

leave request from BOR-go

  1. You are asked to select leave type and the start and end date of the PTO. Once the required information is entered, click “Submit”.

leave request from BOR-Go

Approve/Disapprove Time-off requests

Once a new time-off request is created, the employer will immediately receive a notice about the request.

  1. On the BOR-Go Manager portal, click “Leave Request” on the left navigation bar to see all submitted requests. You can see the requests on a calendar. You can switch the view to month, week or day. All leave requests are classified by color based on status.
Status by Color

  • Blue: New / Pending
  • Red: Disapproved
  • Green: Approved
  • Orange: Canceled

leave request

  1. Click the request you want to approve or disapprove on the calendar to change the status. The employee’s available PTO hours are shown on the top of the screen.

approve PTO

  1. You can also see all leave requests in a list format by clicking “Table tab”.  Click the “Edit” button to change the status.

  1. Change the status to “Pending”, “Accepted” or “Declined”. Then click “Submit”.
Updated on August 24, 2017

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