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The BOR-Go Time Tracking module is simple and easy to use. Your employees have the ability to clock-in and -out from their mobile device utilizing smartphone apps developed in-house for iPhone or Android devices. Of course, they can also clock in/out from a computer. The apps utilize the geolocation features already built into smartphones, thus allowing the employer to know where employees are actually at when they clock in or out.  With that information, the employer can determine whether or not to approve an employee’s time card.

Employee clock-in/out

From BOR-Go Smartphone app

  1. To clock in or out from the BOR-Go smartphone app, open the app and tap “Clock in” or “Clock out”.
  2. The current location is automatically detected. Add notes if necessary, then click the “Start” or “Stop” icon on the bottom right of the screen.

From a computer (web browser)

  1. To clock-in or clock-out from a computer, log-in to the employee’s dashboard and click “Time Tracking”.
  2. Location information is also automatically detected. Leave a note if necessary,  then click “Save”.

Employees are not allowed to clock in or out retroactively or change their time tracking records. So, make sure that all employees clock in and out when they are supposed to. Employers are able to edit attendance records anytime. Please refer to the following section to edit employee’s attendance records.


Approve, disapprove and modify attendance records

  1. To approve, disapprove or make changes to your employee attendance records, go to “BOR Time Tracking” module located on the left navigation bar, then click “Attendance Review”.
  2. Click an employee or search an employee by name.
  3. On the bottom half of the screen, you can see the employee’s scheduled shift and actual time tracking record. If you don’t see any problems, click approve icon. You can find the total hours are properly updated.


  1. To make changes, click the little pencil icon to make changes to detailed tracking information such as attendance type, date, clock in location. You can also leave notes if necessary. Click “Save” to complete changes.

Attendance review edit

You can check the change histories by clicking “+” icon. 

Updated on October 31, 2017

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